Pachikara Developers firmly establishes itself in creating Premium Homes with uncompromising quality, timeless beauty, and lasting value. All of this surprisingly made available at reasonable budget and low maintenance cost. Stream valley is the first project from Pachikara Developers set in the midst of nature creating an oasis peace and tranquility. The project is perched spectacularly in Thodupuzha known for its fresh crystal clear waters and serene nature. Stream Valley is placed in an unhindered nature environment beside a sweeping stream that oozes ultimate relaxation and comfort.
The person behind this contemporary vision is Pradeeep Pachikara, member of the renowned Pachikara family, with its roots in Thodupuzha for more than 500 years. Pradeep based on his extensive travels has managed to view worlds finest and has therefore set formidable standards as his project bench mark. To ensure the finesse of the project, he would be involved handpicking the row materials, section of world class designs and the execution to the international standards ensuring perfection.
This project is executed under the guidance of Neelettu Construction, acclaimed or creating prominent landmarks. it is also known for its timely execution while maintaining highest quality standards and craftsmanship. Pachikara Developers bring to a home instilling a true sense of belongingness and reflecting your lifestyle.


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